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What We Do

Meto is a nonprofit that aggregates educational data to simplify connections between students and universities. Our "low-touch" model takes the burden of initiation off of students, instead allowing them to be contacted by universities that want them. When universities "gather" ("meto," in Latin) students, students win. Meto has an initial focus on making this happen for students throughout Africa.


Why We Do It

Too few students have access to higher education, which results in major problems for both individuals and societies. Meto aims to ameliorate global poverty by connecting students around the world to educational and professional opportunities that are currently difficult for them to access due to a lack of information, a lack of funding, or a lack of other necessary resources.

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"Meto's scalable model is exciting on two levels. For universities, Meto's database greatly increases the pool of potential applicants and facilitates direct contact with them. For students, it offers an opportunity to attend universities around the world that they might not have found on their own.”

   Dr. Luisa Duarte-Silva

   Former Director of IIP at Princeton University


Benefits of Meto

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How Counselors Benefit

On your own, with enough time, you can help each of your students apply to a range of good-fit universities. However, using Meto as an advising tool makes your efforts both more efficient and more effective. When universities reach out to students based on academic, financial, and extracurricular fit, a big part of your job is already done... your students can research the universities knowing that they are already a match in the most important areas. Further, in reaching out, the university is implicitly revealing its institutional priorities. The result? Your students have an increased chance of admission, which means they can apply to fewer schools and face less disappointment. For you, this means less time, less stress, and more success.

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How Students Benefit

Meto exists for you. We know that finding good-fit universities can be confusing, complicated, and time-consuming. Meto has a solution. When you complete Meto's Student Information Form, your information goes into our database. We share student information with universities around the world, and universities use it to decide which students they want to contact. Universities then reach out to you directly to encourage you to apply. So, how will you find good-fit universities? With Meto, they will find you.

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How Educational Institutions Benefit

Only a tiny fraction of international students have the resources they need to figure out which universities around the world are an academic, financial, and extracurricular fit. This means that the vast majority of dynamic, deserving students who would be a great fit at your institution will probably never even know that it exists. Meto solves this: we share student information with you so that you can connect with previously unreachable students. The result? More talented students from around the world come to your campus and excel both in and out of the classroom.

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Executive Advisory Committee

Ambassador Godfrey Simasiku (Zambia)

 Former Ambassador to Japan

Former Minister of State for Higher Education

Dr. Angel B. Pérez (United States)


National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)

Debra Shaver (United States)

 Dean of Admission Emerita

 Smith College



Connie Mutazindwa

Former Advisor

EducationUSA, Uganda

Fonda Kempton

Former Executive Director


Laura Kaub

Former Program Manager

Yale Young African Scholars

Yale University

Dr. Luisa Duarte-Silva

Former Director of IIP

Princeton University

Dr. Patty Croom

Associate Director of International Admissions

Michigan State University

Joan Liu

University Advisor

United World College (UWC)

of South East Asia

Julie Moloney

Former Director of International Admissions

University of Notre Dame

Alan Davidson

Executive Director


Director of Strategic Engagement

Duolingo English Test

Jennifer Dewar



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Ballard Spahr, Pro Bono Legal Counsel


Contact Meto

1305 Fairmont Street, Northwest
Washington, D.C. 20009


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